Risoul 1850
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Small instructions upon arrival in the apartment
Open the power meter behind the front door.
Open the cold water and hot hatch that is in the toilet.
Close the fridge door.
Check the cleanliness of the apartment
Verify that the inventory is correct that you have provided us.
Tell us or any custodian anomaly.

Small orders before Leaving Apartment
  • Deliver quilts (orange) on the beds in the corner booth.
  • Replace the top of bed in the dining room (white flower)
  • Replace the 4 pillows in their cases Ikea (protects from dust)
    Replace the four blankets in the Ikea bag (protects from dust)
  • Put the two bags in the Ikea door closet above the clothes rod
  • Replace the great coverage in his bag and put it in the closet of the entry (preserves the dust)
  • Make sure you clean pots and pans as well as two ovens (not nice to arrive and wash pans previous tenants)
  • Remember to clean the trash, putting away the kitchen utensils that would be placed in the dishwasher.
  • If you can leave a roll of toilet paper in the toilet (thank you in advance for the following)
  • If you have too "damaged" the oilcloth table Change here!
Remember to close the shutters of the dining room with all the hooks.
Remember to leave the refrigerator door ajar.
Remember to close the door of the balcony Breakers.
Remember to close the water inlet hot and cold (Hatch in the toilet).
Remember to close the electricity meter
We rent our studio for everyone makes the most
Your attention and cleanliness are guaranteed to stay optimal for all.
Good staysmile